Dream Attractor

Title : Dream Attractor (Interactive installation)

Authors: Michel Bret and Marie-Hélène Tramus

Music: Janvier Payrard and Christian Heinz

Year of production: 2019



Michel Bret : Painter and mathematician, he spent several years in Morocco, Venezuela and Vietnam. Then he studied computer science to make art with machines. He thereafter became a professor at the University of Paris 8 in the Department of Image Arts and Technologies, of which he is co-founder.

Since 1976, as a computer artist, he has developed 3D software for artists and has created numerous 3D animation films and interactive installations with procedural algorithms and artificial life techniques (neural networks, genetic algorithms in particular to animate intelligent actors). His creations have been presented at festivals, exhibitions and international conferences.

Marie-Hélène Tramus : She is an artist and a professor emeritus in the Department of Image Arts and Technologies at the University of Paris 8, of which she is co-founder. After studying philosophy and visual arts, she practiced video art and then computer graphics. She has conducted research on the behaviour and autonomy of interactive virtual entities and on the question of spectator participation, renewed by digital interactivity. She has participated in collaborative digital creations such as interactive installations or computer-generated animation films.

Contact details:

Michel Bret :

Site : http://anyflo.com

Email : mail.anyflo@gmail.com

Address: 51 rue de la Marée, Saint-Leu-La-Forêt, 95320, France

Tel : +33666641136

Marie-Hélène Tramus :

Site : https://inrev.univ-paris8.fr/spip.php?article1370

Email : mh.tramus@gmail.com

Address : 85 bis rue Réaumur, Paris 75002, France

Tel : +33664625445