Dream Attractor

Title : Dream Attractor (Interactive installation)

Authors: Michel Bret and Marie-Hélène Tramus

Music: Janvier Payrard and Christian Heinz

Year of production: 2019


Synopsis :

The installation propose to the spectator to "choose a few words displayed on the screen to write “a dream", then the Dream Attractor interprets it visually. » (Two versions exist: in English and in French). The viewer is then invited to combine them to compose a short poem (a dream); thereafter the Dream Attractor interprets it visually by the generation of an animation mixing the sequences corresponding to the sentences and in agreement with a music.

The words correspond to short animation sequences (about forty) extracted from 3D films created more than thirty years by Michel Bret. The dream attractor generates the visual interpretation of the written dream through mixtures and transparencies of images mapped on many surfaces dynamically evolving according to the music, itself mixed. The recursive auto-mapping algorithm that maps animated sequences to themselves gives a fractal perception of space and time. Neural networks between sound and image provide a non-trivial visual interpretation of the image

Technical needs

We will bring all the necessary equipment ourselves: PC, screen or videoprojector, speakers, support.

Two versions for the exhibition of the installation is possible :

1) First version with screen

We need a place (2m X 2 m) isolated from sound, to place a support for a screen and a PC

We need an access to an electrical outlet.

2) Second version with videoprojection

We need a place isolated from sound and light, about 3m X 3m on the floor, 2.5m ceiling, with a white surface to project animations of dreams in real time.

We need an access to an electrical outlet.