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Anchor networks

Commande lead network(id1)follow network(id2) allows to connect the network id1 to network id2.
When evaluating the results of id1 is passed entries networks id2. We define a network of networks whose nodes are networks.
See an example in the menu ANC of file demo1_network.func.

Anchor objects

To link them several objects we define a network whose nodes are some objects and whose links are defined by commands
lead(id1)object follow(id2).

Anchor volumes

To link them several volumes we define a tree structure whose root is the absolute leader, the sons of the root are followers.
A follower may in turn be a leader in one or more followers.
Links can have several degrees of freedom:
Level 2: The follower can rotate around a point related to its leader Simply define one 'anchor' the leader and the follower:
       Anchor points may also aussi be number of vertices of the volumes:
Level 1: The follower is pivotal about an axis associated with its leader. We define two anchor points (different) on the leader and two anchor points (different) of the follower
       lead(n1)poi(x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2)follow(n2)poi(x3,y3,z3, x4,y4,z4)
Level 0: The follower is immovable on its leader: We define three anchor points (no alignment) on the leader and three anchor points (no alignment) on the follower:
        lead(n1)poi(x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2, x3,y3,z3)follow(n2)poi(x4,y4,z4, x5,y5,z5, x6,y6,z6)

When viewing if yes anc is active, the property anc poi is calculated for all volumes by using the matrix anc (these properties are available).
Level 2: The follower is moved so that its anchor point coincides with the associated leader.
Level 1: The follower is moved and rotated so that its axis coincides with that anchor the associated leader.
Level 0: The follower is moved and rotated so that its anchoring plane coincides with that of associated leader.
The reanc(id) command is used to redefine the tree anchors the volume id for new absolute leader (root of the tree).

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